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Symptoms of Infestation: Intestinal worms may live in someone’s intestine for years without causing any symptoms. General symptoms may appear few weeks or several months after infestation and include paleness, weakness, tiredness (from anemia due to lost blood sucked by worms), restlessness, disturbed sleep and weight loss (due to loss of nutrients used by worms). Abdominal symptoms can last from weeks to months and include:
1. Distended belly
2. Foul smelling breath or gas
3. Loss of appetite
4. Vomiting
5. Itchy anus
6. Mucus in the stool
7. Blood in the stool
8. Loose bowel movements or diarrhea
9. Worms, their parts or eggs can be sometimes found in the stool
10. Itchy skin rash
11. Swelling around the eyes
12. During sleep, some worms may leave the body through the mouth, nose or anus
13. Swollen itchy bump on the site of the parasite entry (usually on the foot)
Complications: Intestinal worms can cause severe complications in the people they infect, and may even lead to the death of the person. The following table lists some of the important complications that each kind of worm can cause:-
Type of Worm
Some people consider that flatworms are beneficial in small numbers as they help to digest difficult food. But large numbers can be serious causing anemia and asthma. The pork tapeworms can lodge themselves in the brain or eye. When these are killed by the antibodies within the body, they leave behind calcium deposits, causing severe complications.
Pinworms can cause severe digestive disorders such as diarrheas with bloody stools. The accompanying dehydration could be fatal, especially in children. In women, pinworms can cause vaginal infections causing discharge. Insomnia is very common in people with pinworms.
Roundworms are responsible for asthma and anemia in their victims. People suffer from insomnia and general discomfort during the daytime. Rashes occur in various places on the body. One more complication caused by roundworms is pain in the eye.
As in all worms, diarrheas are common with whipworm infection. Bloody stools are seen, and there may be a rectal prolapse. Anemia is observed.
Since hookworms can directly burrow into the skin of the humans, they are the most dangerous. They can cause severe abdominal discomfort. Edema can be caused. Large numbers of hookworms are fatal.
Homeopathic Cure for Intestinal Parasites & Worms
The major cause of intestinal worms and parasites in the digestive system is a result of the food we eat. It is estimated that nearly 80 percent of people worldwide will be infected with parasites in their lifetime. Parasites can cause tissue and cell damage, and worsen current illness and disease. Preventive measures should be practiced, such as avoiding foods that are difficult to digest, eating an excess amount of sugary foods, and eating foods that are not compatible with each other, such as warm foods and curds.There are well over 100 types of worms that can infest humans, affecting different parts of the body. Symptoms vary depending on the type of infestation and therefore understanding the symptoms of each can lead to identification and treatment. A specific diagnosis can be obtained by General Practitioner through a faeces sample or through a perianal swab, which will be tested for the presence of eggs. Homeopathic treatment does not need such a diagnosis in order to treat worm infestation. All types of worms are treated according to the individuals symptoms rather than clinical ones.
· Ensure that raw fruits and vegetables are washed and meats cooked thoroughly.
· Discourage children form biting their nails to prevent re-infestation.· Ensure your child wears shoes when playing outdoors.· If your child seems to have a pre-disposition to or recurrent infestation of worm, limit their intake of acidic fruit as worms thrive in an acidic environment. Children, who eat high amounts of sugary and fatty foods, are more likely to have a worm friendly internal environment.
· Children affected by roundworms should have an increased amount of protein in their diet to counteract the depletion of protein caused by the worms.Children affected by Hookworm need increased amounts of iron, either dietary or commercial liquid form. Supplementation with iron can be detrimental to your child’s health if not required by the body, but the chances are they will be lacking iron if hookworms are present. Only supplement your child’s diet with iron tonics once you are sure they arte deficient. A naturopath or nutritionist can detect iron deficiency.
Homoeopathic Therapeutics: Homeopathic remedies are effective to help treat intestinal parasite and worm infestation like any other disease, worm infestation, too, is better prevented than treated. This is relatively easy if drinking water is boiled and all outside eatables are avoided. If your child does have a worm-problem, consider the below-listed remedies and select the one whose symptoms seem matching. In most cases, the child’s constitutional medicine is best preventative and treatment for children with worms. The constitutional medicine can be identified by a thorough consultation with a Homeopathic Physician.
1.Cina:Is the most renowned Homeopathic medicine for worm prevention and treatment. It could be considered a good “all round” worming remedy, much like Arnica for bruising. Produces a perfect picture of the wormy child. The patient is cross, irritable, has a sickly pale face with rings about the eyes, grates the teeth at night and has a tendency to convulsions; there is canine hunger or variable appetite; the child picks at its nose and cries out in its sleep; there is jerking of the hands and feet and a milky urine. It does not correspond well to pin-worms and a noticeable symptom is a bluish color about the mouth. It is given for Ascaris lumbricoides( Round worm)
2.Caladium:Useful when worms travel over the perineum and get into the vagina in little girls, with tendency to excitemasturbation.
3.Calcarea:Calcarea is a valuable remedy to eradicate the disposition to worms. Fat, flabby child with a ravenous appetite; craving for indigestible things (like chalk, coal, pencils) and eggs; aversion to meat and milk; crawling and constriction in rectum and anus; habitual constipation; excessive, sour sweating; head sweats profusely during sleep, wetting the pillow.
4.Cuprum oxydatum nigrum:Zopfy in his sixty years’ practice asserts that this remedy will remove all kinds of worms, cure trichinosis, and even tapeworm. He gives it in small doses, about the 1X, in alternation with Nux vomica four or five times a day for four to six weeks, which always suffices to cure tapeworm without causing the patient any in convenience whatever.
5.Ignatia:Is useful where the child is much excited and has tickling and creeping at the anus.
6.Indigo:Is a remedy for ascarides or thread-worms in melancholy children, with intense pain in the umbilical region, also convulsions from worms.
7.Spigelia:Strabismus, jerking with paleness of the face, blue rings around the eyes, faint, nauseated feeling with colic about the navel caused by the presence of worms, will indicate Spigelia. It has stools consisting of mucus, faces and worms. The tincture on a handkerchief and inhaled will frequently arrest convulsions from worms. Demerara pink root, a grass from which this medicine is prepared was used in olden days to expel worms. Dr Hahnemann, who ‘proved’ this remedy on healthy volunteers named it Spigelia anthelmic. Symptoms include itching and crawling in the rectum; frequent ineffectual urging to stool; pain in the navel which is worse from touch or movements but relieved by lying on the right side with head high.It is commonly given for Ascaris lumbricoides.
8.Sabadilla :Has worm symptoms with nausea, vomiting and colic.Nervous, timid child with a desire for sweets and hot foods and a lack of thirst. The skin is dry and the nails are thickened.It is commonly given for Ascaris lumbricoides.
9.Stannum:According to Hahnemann, Stannum so stupefies the worms that they are easily dislodged by purgatives. It has many worms symptoms; thus pale sunken face and eyes surrounded by blue rings, Sluggish disposition, general torpor, foetor of breath and passive fever. Patient prefers to lie on stomach.
10.Teucrium:The remedy for ascarides or pin-worms; there is much irritation caused by them in the rectum. Hughes prefers the tincture or lower dilutions, saying that it rarely fails in this condition. Another remedy for pin-worms is Sinapis nigra. Cina and Cicuta are often indicated in convulsions from worms. Itching and crawling in the anus, especially after a stool; irritation and restlessness in the evening and at night in bed- the child suddenly wakes up at night, looking frightened.It is commonly given for Ascaris lumbricoides. Other Remedies:
·Carbon tetrachloride – For Hookworm disease.
· Chelone glabra- For Round and Thread worms
·Chenopodium anthelminthicum- For Hookwormand Roundworm
·Felix mas- For Tape worm( Taenia saginata and taenia solium)
· Naphthaline- For Pin worm (Enterobius vermicularis)
· Ratanhia- For Pin worm
· Santonine- For Ascaris lumbricoides and thread worms
· Thymol- Specific for Hookworm disease

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