Treatment of Genetic complaints during Pregnancy is possible By Homoeopathy


Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted 12 – 02 -2015

To make the Generation free from Genetic complaints

The age old aphorism that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” crystalises the essence of concept of prevention of disease. From the earliest period of the history of medicine until the most recent times, the search for absolute prevention of diseases has always occupied with the medical art.Homoeopathy is not an exception. In fact Hahnemann dreamt the scope of prevention long before the modern medical science. As expressed in section 4 of Organon of Medicine, “He is likewise a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause disease and how to remove them from persons in health”. The modern day cry of prophylaxis has found an echo in this paragraph. The objective of preventive medicine is to intercept or “oppose” the disease process in man or community. This may be done at various levels.

1. Health Promotion : The first level of prevention is to improve the general health and well being of individual and the community. These are (a) Adequate nutrition (b) Provision of sanitary environment (c) Personal hyegine, (d) Health education (e) Sex education, (f) Physical education (g) Marriage counseling (h) Genetic counseling (i) Periodic health screening (j) Improvement of the standard of living of people. In section 77 of Organon of Medicine Hahenemann state, “Those chronic diseases, occurring in human being who expose themselves,continually to avoidable noxious influnces, disappear spontaneously provided no chronic miasm lurks in the body, under an improved mode of living, and hence these can not be called chronoc diseases”. So pseudo chronic disease which occur due to the violation of hyeginic rules can be prevented by following proper hyeginic rules.

2. Specific protection : To avoid disease altogether is the idle but possible in limited number of cases. In allopathic science few measures for specific protection are

(a) Specific immunizations

(b) Use of specific nutrients.

(c) Protection against occupational hazards.

(d) Protection against accidents.

(e) Avoidance of allergens.

Here also we, the Homoeopaths should support all the measures except specific immunization where Homoeopathy has its own views and scope. The different methods applied for immunization in Homoeopathy are

(a) Specific prophylaxis by (i) Specific medicine (ii) By Genus epidemics

(b) General prophylaxis by antimiasmatic constitutional treatment. (esp. of children and of pregnant mothers)

Specific prophylaxis by specific medicine e.g. Belladonna for scarlet fever, Cuprum met and Vert, alb for cholera., Diptherinum for diphtheria and Aconite, Pulsatilla for measles.

Specific prophylaxis by Geneus epidemics when applied to the healthy individual during epidemic acts as preventive medicine. But this can only be obtained after the breakout of an epidemic disease in the community.

3. Early diagnosis and treatment : Plays a very important role in the prophylaxis. Early the disease is diagnosed the better will be the prophylaxis.4. Rehabilitation : In modern system of medicine, rehabilitation is also an important pillar for prophylaxis.

Role of Homeopathy : Though the efficacy of Homoeopathic prophylactic remedies for various conditions has not been provided by contolled studies and statistical records, yet generations of homoeopath have used these remedies to prevent these conditions and they claim to have done successfully. So their efficacy may be accepted on the basis of experience even if it is not proved experimentally. If the homoeopathic school is to put up an effective opposition to the growing demand of modern preventive medicine a through scientific study in their field is absolutely necessary.

Importance : (a) Prophylaxis is the only wayout in some diseases where there is no treatment after its occurance e.g. ATS for tetanus and antirabies vaccine for rabies.(c) Major genetic disorder can be avoided by prophylaxis by early diagnosing e.g. asthma, diabetes and tuberculosis etc.(d) Some congenital disease can be prevented by applying prophylactic treatment e.g. valvular diseases etc.(e) We can make the society aware by education and thus help in making healthy society.(f) By educating and counseling we can put a certain diseases like Aids and sexually treatment diseases.






Dr. S.S. Bhardwaj (M.D.) Homoeo, Ex-Member state Homoeo Council, Govt. of Haryana

Prof. Dept. of Gynaeeology, J.R. Kisan Homoeopathic Medical College Rohtak,E-mail : bhardwajsadhu@