Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 21 – 11 – 2014

Dr.Shiv Dua

The physician has to perceive and possess the knowledge of what is to be cured in the disease of each individual’ (Aphor 3).

Do we follow the above principle in the case of stammering? It is difficult to align a stammering person back to normal talking with the help of medicines. The conventional system of medicine has no medicine for stammering. It has medicine for aphysia and dysarthria but stammering is out of reach of drugs. Its only remedy is speech therapy and induction of self-confidence in the subject as far as I understand.  I must confess that I have not cured a single case of stammering with the help of drugs during my practice of forty years.

If some one comes and tells that he stammers. There is no other symptom and he is fit.   According to rules, we would still find objective symptoms and create totality of symptoms because we do not want the patient to go away. In the pursuit, we try specific remedies like Bovista or stramonium and they end in failure. Many of us will ‘find’ totality of symptoms but the result is again failure.

We have been taught that specific medicines do work. Why do Bovista or stramonium fail? It is because there is difference between ‘real proper specific’ and ‘individual specific’. If by chance some individual specific works on some individual organ, the success has to be there. In stammering I have not found such opportunity. Let my friends in the profession reveal their experience by writing letter to the editor of this journal about stammering so that we are also enlightened.  According to Stuart Close, ‘specific is a remedy capable of always curing a certain disease. We must confess that this is far too vague for homoeopathists’.

This is the reason; I have been advocating in most of my articles that there is a need for proving specific medicines. If we do that, homoeopathy will be ‘Number One’ in all the systems of medicine. We must know why stammering is not cured with homoeopathic medicines. Before understanding stammering, let us see other related conditions related to speech.


Aphysia is a speech defect. Speech expresses development of mind. It is expression of thoughts in language that we speak. When there is loss of symbolic expression or understanding, it is ‘Aphysia’. In simple words, it is speech confusion. One uses wrong or misplaced words while expressing. The cause is inadequate supply of blood to the brain. It may be due to trauma in the case of children. In adults, it may be due to blockage of blood supply or cerebral tumor. The treatment is simple if there is traumatic lesion, tumor or blood clot in brain. Surgery or medication may cure Aphysia.


The function of speech is complex and relates to interaction of neuromuscular mechanism. When this mechanism is defective, it is ‘Dysarthria’. In other words it is difficulty in formulating word patterns into speech. The reason is mostly inherent. There are defects in vocal cord. Some air must pass through vocal cards into the oral cavity. It is further modified by movement of palate, tongue and lips to make the spoken word understandable. In dysarthria, there is no connection of brains. The patient hears, understands, reads and writes perfectly but can not articulate single intelligible words.


Stammering is defect of articulation. It has no connection with any pathological structural lesion of the nervous system. It is also not connected with apparatus involving production of sound. Stammering is mostly confined to males who are normally left- handed persons but forced to become right-handed by their parents. More than one person of family is affected. It is not there in infancy or early childhood. When the child starts stammering, he is self-conscious, sensitive, and shy. He has undergone sudden fright, emotions or embarrassment.  Excessive strictness of parents or teachers in the class are also responsible for this. In most of cases, the patient speaks fluently when alone or in singing a song. The song generally boosts up the morale of stammerers. In most of cases, it is consonants which trouble in uttering than vowels. Sometimes a child imitates a stammerer whom he knows. He thinks it is funny and starts stammering, which becomes his habit. This sort of stammering can be treated by assurances to the child.

Treatment of stammering is highly successful through development of confidence and self-reliance. This is not possible by medicines and mostly ‘speech therapy’ wins. Revealing the basic faults in articulation and re-educating the speech is taught in this therapy after knowing the background of the family. Methods like ego-boosting and relaxation are also successful. Such efforts on the part of speech therapist is slow but later when the patient understands the value of self confidence, the cure is spontaneous.

I do not advocate that we should leave the patients of stammering to the care of speech therapy. Homoeopathy is the only avenue, people approach, for curing the impossible. People still have belief in our therapy. We have not to discourage the patients of stammering. Give them a trial for a month or so. If it is not improving, better leave the case to speech therapist. There is no allopathic drug for stammering. Notable and famous Dr. Prof. A. K. Gupta of Delhi says, ‘Stammering can be minimized, even eliminated through self-therapy and homoeopathy.

The selection of remedy for stammering appears theoretically simple, but it is most difficult and arduous work. It requires assiduous study to reach the best selection of remedy. If we fail, our opponents in the other systems are sitting ready to condemn us.


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