Silicea- The Type


Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 13- 05 – 2017

Although Silica people are tenacious and stubborn, they appear fragile and passive. Despite being friendly and sensitive, they have brittle demenaour. This is largely due to their lack of confidence and fear of responsibility, which makes them inflexible and hesistant in undertaking new tasks.
Persoinality & Temperament
Silica types lack physical and mental stamina and fear being overwhelmed, yet they show great tenacity and determination once a challenge is accepted. When engrossed in a task, they are very conscientious and obsessive about small details, and overwork to the point of exhaustion or insomnia. Their outlook and aspirations are limited by fear of failure and a tendency to remain the eternal student. Since they are not assertive, they may feel pushed around and in turn relieve their own frustrations on subordinates. In relationship, they may remain uncommitted for fear of giving too much of themselves and being hurt.
Food Preferences
 Cold foods, raw vegetables, salads, ice cream.
Dislikes (and upset by)
 Meat and Cheese
 Milk (May have been reluctant to take breast milk in infancy)
 Warm foods
 Sharp pointed objects
 Excertion (due to lack of stamina)
 Failure in business
General Features
 For being wrapped up warmly, especially the head  In summer
 For cold and damp
 For the new moon
 If sweat is suppressed
 For washing or swimming
 Lying on the left side
Physical Appearance
Silicea types are thin and small-boned. with fine lank hair and a neat tidy appearance. They are prone to cracked lips and fissures at the corners of their mouths. Their nails may be rough, brittle and yellowish. When grazed, their skin suppurates easily and is slow to heal.
Weak areas of the body
 Nervous system.
 Glands
 Bones
 Tissues
 Skin
The Silica Child
 Large, sweaty bead, with pale, delicate skin and fine hair.
 Small for his or her age, but well-proportioned, with small hands and feet.
 Feeds the cold intensely and has cold, clammy extremities.
 Shy, delicate and well-behaved, but self-willed and touchy, resentful of interference and lacks stamina.
 Intelligent, quick witted and conscientious but lacks confidence.
 Tidy by nature and inclined to have a fixation for tiny objects, for example, small pins or pieces of jewellery.
 Strong dislike and introlerance of milk.