Hahneman Ki Aawaz posted on 16.08.2019

What is it?
The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body. It runs from your lower back, through your butt then down to your lower leg. You feel sciatic pain when the nerve is compressed ¡’ or squashed which can occur because of inflammation, arthritis or disk injury in the lower spine.
How does it feel?
The pain can be anything from dull to sharp or burning, it originates in the lower back and can send pain into the butt, down the leg and sometimes into the foot as well. It can cause tingling or numbness and weakness in the affected side.
How do I get rid of the horrible pain?
Once the more severe symptoms settle you can begin performing light movements and stretches.
The picture on the left is a stretch you can do to relieve some of the tension. If you feel some pain during this movement, don’t go as deep into the stretch, if you continue to feel pain after backing off the stretch a little then stop doing it and let those symptoms subside for a bit longer.
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