Hahnemann Ki Aawaz posted on 05 – 07 – 2018

My dear friends,  colleagues & Homoeopathy Lovers. Enough is being said and written these days against Homoeopathy. There is a well planned and gradual attempt at abolishing and thrashing our wonderful system of medicine. More than ever today is the need for all of us to join hands and have 1 unified voice to condemn and stand against every attempt at demeaning the most noble system of medicine. I believe We need a unified voice. A unified stand that speaks for each and every Homoeopathy lover and follower.  Time has come when Homoeopathy Fraternity has a Spokesperson . Every now and then there are Articles, Reports, Studies and some Criticism or the other keep coming. Most of these are Biased one’s. At individual level or at the level of Associations some reactions or Rejoinders are issued. Unfortunately Official Statements, Condemnation or Clarification etc. either don’t come or if at all it is there then it is too late. The Media Press highlight of Official responses is mere negligible.  Whereas being on those high Official positions with all Govt. machinery and Media it should have been prompt and May be by calling a  Press Conference with AYUSH minister and Officials giving a befitting reply to those bogus or manipulated reports etc. I think a person who has been associated with Homoeopathy for many years and has a global presence will be a great option. I invite your inputs and suggestions on who could be that voice who can represent us against the powerful lobby of big Pharmaceutical industries….. Kindly share your comments & suggest the Person…..

Dr. A.K Gupta. Director- AKGsOVIHAMS.