Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 30 – 11 – 2017

The two day Nationa Homoeopathic Conference Kent  Memorial Lectures had its Silver jubilee celebrations this year with the theme ‘SWOT Analysis of Homoeopathy in Cancer.’ The icing on cake for grand event this year was collaboration with PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry and technical partnership with Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy.
The conference theme was chosen taking into view the increasing incidence of cancer in the current scenario and hence analyzing the SWOT- Strength, Weakness, Opportunity&Threat regarding homoeopathic treatment.
The inaugural session began with Saraswativandana& lightening of the lamp, to seek blessings from Goddess Saraswati in the presence of Dr R.N Wahi, Chairman Organizing Committee , Dr S.K Mehta (President SDHA), DrSatyaveer Sharma (Director Finance, MrVivekSeigel (Principal Director PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and our guests of honourDrAlokParek (President LMHI), Dr J.D Daryani (Ex Principle Dr MPK Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Jaipur).This was followed by Welcome address by; DR. R. N. WAHI ,he emphasized the need to arrive at a consensus by all health care providers to arrive at a common understanding of the concept of Cancer, in order to be able to provide the cure in the early stages, and to improve the quality of life in the terminal cases. He expressed his confidence that in the coming years the relationship between the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the South Delhi Homoeopathic Association would be a turning point in taking the Homoeopathic Profession to the masses, as PHD donates Progress, Harmony, Development, and fits in to the basics of Homoeopathy.
After this, SHRI VIVEK SEIGELL, principal Director of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, told that the chamber had the Health Committee earlier as a part of its activities, but with the formation of the AYUSH Ministry, they have now a Separate Committee for the AYUSH systems, and are determined to promote Homoeopathy.
This was followed by President , SDHA, DR. S. K. MEHTA said that Kent Memorial Lectures is a platform with a family environment wherein all the participants, the Students, Faculty Members, Professionals, and Industry get equal chance to interact at the same level. He further said that following the guidance of our late stalwarts like Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, Dr. Jugal Kishore, Dr. D. P. Rastogi, and the guidance of our present great teachers like Dr. R. P. Patel, Dr. KasimChimthanawala, Dr. J. D. Daryani and others, we accept the limitations in each sick individual.
DrAlokPareek emphasized on how homoeopathy is growing as a community since the time of inception of LMHI and India being its biggest market. He took the opportunity of inviting everybody for the next LIGA conference to be held in Cape Town , South Africa in 2018. SHRI VIVEK SEIGELL, in response to the suggestions of Dr. AlokPareek, assured the participation of the PHD Chamber the active role in collaborating with the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis to take Homoeopathy forward for its acceptability, and also offered to host the International Homoeopathic Conference
Dr J.D Daryani gave his encouraging words for the conference and thanked SDHA for inviting him. Vote of thanks was given by DrSatyaveerSharma( SDHA) and Mr Sameer Ahuja( Sr Manager PHD)
The souvenir of KML 2017 was released by all the dignitaries on the Dias , the new life members were inducted&mementos were given to all the life members who got registration done for KML in time. This was followed by high tea sponsored by HMS Lactose.
The first scientific session began with DrAlokPareek’s presentation on ‘’Management of Advanced Cancers in Homoeopathy- Clinical strategies.’’ He elicited many homoeopathic remedies & their clinical implications in treating cancer, post operative cases where homoeopathic remedies can help in resolving complications & remedies which help in post RT & CT sessions.
The next speaker was Dr Dinesh Rao , Director MLD Trust, Mumbai. His topic was ‘’Understanding Susceptibility in Homoeopathic Management of Cancers.’’ He stressed upon the role of susceptibility/inherent power of an individual to fight a disease. The reactivity & vitality of a cancer patient is at its lowest and heexplained this by giving few case studies.
Post lunch session was started by DrSunirmal Sarkar, well known physician, author & teacher from Kolkata. He discussed ‘’Cancer & Homoeopathy- therapeutics & cases.’’ He elicited the case of KlatskinTumour- cancer of neck of gall bladder. He stressed that even in advanced cases the basic homoeopathic strategy remains that of individualization.
The session was followed by DrAjit Kulkarni who is a seasoned speaker of international fame. His topic was ‘’Mosaic of Auto-Immune Disorders in the eyes of a Homoeopath.’’He discussed the causative factors which increase the incidence of cancer, role of immunity, evolution of cancer process in modern life and his observations on personality traits and cancer. His talk gave an in-depth knowledge on the subject.
The second day of Kent Memorial Lectures began with ‘’Scope of homoeopathy in Oncology-A research perspective’’ bySenior scientist DrChetnaLamba, CCRH, Delhi. She discussed about the different researches that are being conducted on the cancer patients in association with the conventional method of treatment so as to ease their sufferings because of treatment induced adverse effects.
The next speaker was a young & energetic doctor from Ludhiana, Punjab, DrManpreet Singh Bindra who spoke on ‘’ Evidence based cases of Cancer.’’ According to his statistical analysis 4.85 lakh people die of cancer every year, that is 1300 people every day and it comes to one death per minute. Out of 1300 patients who die every day, 380+ patients die due to fatal side effects of chemotherapy alone. Immunotherapy is one of the most recent approaches to cancer therapy in conventional system of medicine , he suggested alternate immunotherapy which is cost effective , no side effects and easily available . Few immunotherapeutic drugs found easily ( even in our kitchen shelves) are – Curcumin, Milk thistle, Artemisia and flaxseed.
Post tea session was highly interactive and was presented by DrAlka Mohan Chutani, Chief Dietician, AIIMS, New Delhi. She mentioned the important role of nutrition during active treatment & recovery to improve the quality of patient’s life. The goal should be to minimize weight loss, prevent muscle and bone loss and correct nutritional deficiencies.
The next session was by DrAradhana Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, Delhi where she stressed on the role of the positive attitude of patient & care giver in handling such critical situations. She also discussed commonly used interventions to keep patient positive & encourage them to cope up with the disease.
In the last session DrAjit Kulkarni continued his presentation from day 1 and shared few cases of Astrocytoma Brain and Diabetic Gangrene.
In the valedictory session Dr R.K Manchanda, Director General CCRH, Delhi encouraged the delegates that time has come to take homoeopathy to masses & create awareness that homoeopathy can successfully intervene in the cases of cancer & its complications. This system of medicine has noticeably reached a stage from where it can soar even higher, provided it gets the necessary support in the form of scientific evidence. He then, presented the mementos to the Organizing Committee members & exhibitors for their participation in this mega event.
Scientific sessions of both the days and the deliberations given by the learned speakers were much appreciated by the homoeopathic fraternity
The event concluded with our National anthem and group photographs and a promise to meet all next year KML 2018.