Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 06 – 05 – 2014

Dr Shiv Dua

The other day, my daughter asked me a question, ‘who fixes the normal values of various laboratory tests to diagnose the depth of diseases’?

‘It is World Health Organization’.

‘O.K. Read these books and you will know the ethics of laboratory tests’.

She gave me two books, ‘How to return from hospital alive’ and ‘Heart Mafia’ written by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury of Faridabad. She had attended writer’s workshop on health and purchased these books for me. Have a look on some points.

  • Fasting blood sugar exceeding 140 mg/dl was diabetic till the year 1997. In 1997, W.H.O formed a committee on diagnosis and classification of diabetes. This committee recommended that level be reduced to 126mg/dl. After reading this report in the newspapers, 14% people of the world became diabetic overnight. Those having less than 126 mg/dl were declared pre-diabetic. Now see how it happened. The committee formed by WHO had 17 members and 16 of them had connection with companies manufacturing diabetic medicines.

  • Again, WHO formed another committee to decide scale for hypertension? Normal diastolic was 100 mm Hg up to year 1997. It was reduced to 90. As a result, 35% of healthy people became patients of HTN overnight. Systolic HTN was 160 and it was reduced to 140. Healthy people having BP below 140 were declared ‘prehypertension’. Before 1997, the normal BP was declared as 160/100. It was brought to 120/80. This report was issued by The Journal of American Association. Here again 9 out of 11 members of committee were affiliated to companies manufacturing medicines for HTN.
  • In the year 1998, normal level of cholesterol was 240 mg/dl. New yard-stick was made by ‘Texas Coronary Atherosclerosis Study’. Normal cholesterol was declared as 200. Hence 56% of healthy people in the world were declared having high cholesterol overnight.

  • In 2003, WHO made a new panel, ‘National Osteoporosis Foundation’ for study of osteoporosis? Up to 2003, normal were less than -2.5 of T-score. The new normal made it -2. The result was that 85% of healthy people became victims of osteoporosis overnight.

(For full details of other diseases, please see the book of Dr. Chowdhury-Publishers Asia book of records, medical wing, Faridabad, ph. 0129-2510534. His other book ‘Heart Mafia’ shows how heart surgeons and international cardiologists are exploiting heart patients just to earn money-Publisher Diamond Pocket Books, Okhla New Delhi.)

However, we should be thankful to great Hahnemann that homoeopathy does not rely upon pathological tests. Name of disease is none of our concern. H.A. Roberts in his book ‘Principles and art of cure’ says ‘The disease manifestation is an exfoliation, an outward manifestation of an inward turmoil, that is not found in the most minute examination known to the man of any cell or portion of human frame.’ Note the words ‘minute examination’. It sounds like lab test. Even if we ascertain name of disease by lab tests, it is not going to help us to select a remedy. There is no Hahnemannian repertory that could define medicines against the abnormal values of lab tests. When we can not find remedy on lab tests, why should we suggest tests? At the most, we can suggest USG for renal calculi, size of cysts, tumors etc. Even X-ray for lungs is useful in some cases.

Unnecessary scans

With the advent of age, people get muscular/joint pains. Some people are very sensitive of pains. They can not stand it and consult doctors. It is here that exploitation takes place. They are advised X-ray/USG/MRI. Patient feels great and can boast about his serious pains.  The report reciprocates further seriousness. It does not show any thing related to his pains but tell about kidney or gall bladder stones. Doctor advises surgery.  He forgets muscular pains. Stones become primary ailment. Thankfully, he remembers homoeopathy for stones.

We have to understand such types of cases. The patient had no pains in gall or kidney regions prior to scans. Where is the need for going in for surgery? If the stones are not rolling and calcinations has taken place, why to dislodge them? I have seen many such asymptomatic cases. I did not give any medicine for removal of stones. Years have passed by and patients have no problems with the stones. I am mentioning this because I get many letters and phones from people who have read my books on gall and kidney stones. If body scans were for problems other than stones, there is nothing to worry. Second opinion is needed in all such cases.

Non specific Back Pains

Non-specified back pains are common these days. Here again, middle aged people get impatient and consult doctors. Most of the scans in such cases read ‘degenerative changes in the lumbar’. Patients take ‘degeneration’ as serious disease and think that they need surgery. Degeneration does not affect the functional capability of the organ. It is just like getting wrinkles on your skin or getting pain in joints in old age. No back pain should be scanned till it is persisting for more than six weeks. Most of the non-specific back pains are result of bad postures, lack of exercise, exertions, sitting for long, driving for long everyday, keeping heavy purses in hip pockets and lifting/shifting heavy weight. (Ref: My book ‘A to Z of back pains’ published by Zobra Publishers.

Real classic homoeopathy

Real classic homoeopathy is following fundamental principles of homoeopathy. It is embodied in a system of doctrine, laws and rules of practice. These were made and systematically set forth by great Hahnemann in his ‘Organon’. Let us resort to this method. Homoeopathy is opposed to pathological prescribing.

‘The prescription is not based upon pathological diagnosis or name of disease, but solely upon the likeness of the symptoms of the patient to the symptoms of some tested drug, determined by actual comparison’, says Stuart Close in his book ‘Genius of Homoeopathy’. Let us not go against the laws and prescribe lab tests/scans. The validity of our law of cure has been disputed by the dominant conventional system of medicine. If we want homoeopathy to rise to the high esteem, we should display a notice in our clinics, ‘I believe in cure and not in lab tests’.

This will also make homoeopathy cheapest system of medicine.

(Note: This is first article in series named ‘real classic homoeopathy’. This will be followed by articles on ‘use of homoeopathic ointments for skin diseases’, ‘prescribing patents’ , ‘Use of  biochemics’, use of  ‘mother tinctures’ etc.)

(Dr. Shiv Dua)