Menopause and homoeopathy


Hahnemann Ki Aawaz posted on 27 – 04 – 2020

Ageing is quite a natural inescapable process and it affects both genders but females are more prone to the effects of changing physiological functions with advancement of age.

 Menopause is the stage of physical and mental transformation of a women due to chemical changes in body. It is the caused by decrease in the concentration of female sex hormones namely estrogen and progesterone with increased FSH by negative feedback mechanism. It is clinically diagnosed by stoppage of mensuration for twelve consecutive months without any pathology.  Normal age for menopause globally is 45-55 years with average being 51 years in western countries and 46 in India. It is genetically predetermined and climate conditions also affects it. There is no relation of occupation, community, food types, alcohol, smoking, abortion or contraceptive used on this.

 The various pattern observed at menopause are abrupt cessation, gradual decreased in amount and duration and irregular with or without excessive bleeding.


The presenting perimenopausal chemical disturbances can cause apparent disturbances which can also last for many years mainly in women who do not have good mind-body balance.

Psychological – Mood swings, anxiety, fears, irritability, depression, insomnia, headache, memory loss and loss of concentration with cognitive difficulties.

Vasomotor symptoms – Hot flushes with profuse perspiration is the most common symptom of menopause, sudden sensation of heat followed by coldness

Vulvovaginal symptoms– Dryness in vagina, dyspareunia, pruritis vulva

Urinary symptoms– Urgency, dysuria, recurrent UTIs

Sleep disturbances- loss of sleep, insomnia,

Skin and hairs- Skin become dry, wrinkled, loses elasticity, hair loss and there may be greying of pubic and axillary hairs.

Other risks – cardio-vascular disease, osteoporosis, change in voice, cataract,


Modern medicine has traditionally sanctioned the idea that the decrease concentration of hormones which no longer produced by body are the cause of signs and symptoms presenting in menopause. So hormones therapies are administered namely HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), SERMs(Selective estrogen receptors modulators),Bio-identical hormones  which are beneficial only for short term use.

Use of these therapies produces some known side effects like breast tenderness, breakthrough bleeding, bloating, nausea, vomiting and increased risk for breast cancer, venous thrombosis, endometrial carcinoma, ovarian cancer, cholecystitis and cardiovascular disease(after 60 years) on long use of these.   Though there are known side effects of these HRTs, SERMs and bio-identical hormones, these are endorsed by physician as safe and establishes themselves firmly as safe in mainstream medicines. 

Homeopathic therapeutics

Homoeopathy offers a holistic approach of treatment for various physical as well as psychical symptoms of menopause. Indicated medicine on the basis of symptom similarity acts best in any case yet there are several medicines which are used repeatedly in clinical practice for menopausal symptoms. These are as follows

Hot flushes– Belladona, Lachesis, Crotalus horridus, Cimicifuga, Sangunaria

Headache and vertigo– Belladona, Gelsimium, Glonoine, Phosphorus, Ferrum

GIT complaints – Arsenic album, Bryonia, Cocculus indicus, Nux vomica, Tabacum

Excessive bleeding – Hammamelis, Erigeron, Millifolium, Trillium

Important tinctures – Avena sativa, senecio aureus, Valeriana off

Some constitutional medicines

Lachesis – It acts best in climacteric complaints, profound prostration with palpitation, Hot flushes mainly in vertex, soles and palms, menses too short feeble with pain all relieved by flow , watery discharges, emotional disturbances, unwanted jealousy and suspicion, apprehension of future,  early morning aggravation , Very useful for cases of in delayed menopause

Graphitis – Menopause associated with skin complaints like dry and fissured skin with thick glue like discharges, cracks in fingers, hot flushes with gastric symptoms like constipation, Menses irregular scanty, of short duration with profuse and offensive leucorrhoea, leucorrhoea instead of menses, tendency to gain weight

Sepia – Menopause with dry vagina, pain on intercourse, and lack the desire or aversion to sex. Menses too late and scanty, sudden flushes of heat, weakness, perspiration and a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Feels better from activity, in the open air, warmth, after eating after sleep, even a short nap (opposite of Lachesis). Worse in the evenings. The remedy Sulphuric acid is sometimes needed to complete the action of Sepia

Calcarea carb– A very useful remedy during the menopause. Hot flushes, with burning sensations in the vertex-Head and neck wet with perspirations, worse during sleep. Menses becomes scanty and constant profuse leucorrhoea. Metrorrhagia and uterine fibroids, sometimes with marked uterine haemorrhages. Typically indicated in fat, flabby females who are mentally exhausted and have a great tendency to catch cold.

Folliculinum – A prominently used medicine during menopause. Females are restless, hyperactive, worse at rest. Dizziness and faintness, puts on weight without overeating before menses. Craving for sweets. Cycle irregularities Flooding Abdominal heaviness with fibroids and vaginal dryness. Hot flushes with profuse night sweats.

Sulphuricum acid – Climacteric age with constant hot flushes followed by perspiration, with feeling of tremor all over body and great weakness, constipation, erosion of cervix with bleeding which does not coagulate, acrid burning leucorrhoea. Females are impatient, fretful and exhausted with a typical nervous hurry in all her action

Some other important ones are – Nat mur, Pulsatilla, Cimicifuga, Sulphur

MANAGEMENT and counselling

With medications there is a need of proper diet, regimen and counselling for a female at time of menopause.

-Counselling and psychotherapy for various physiological as well as psychical symptoms,

-Balanced diet including especially high amount of protein, fiber, calcium is given

-Proper water intake and less stimulants like tea, coffee

-Calcium, vitamin D, and iron supplements

-Proper rest and sleep

-Open air exercises and weight reduction

Dr Ashish Panghal, 

 Intern, Dr B R Sur Homeopathic Medical college, New Delhi