Homoeopathy To words Medical Education


Homoeopathy (Diploma Course) D.H.M.S Regulations 1983
DHMS Course spreads over a period of four years including compulsory internship of six months duration aftar passing the final diploma examination. Fresh admissions in 1st DHMS Diploma course stopped w.e.f. 04-02-1999 throughout the country.

Homoeopathy (Degree course) BHMS Regulations, 1983
BHMS Course spreads over a period of five and half years including compulsory internship of one year duration after the final degree examination.

The admission qualification for both the courses is Intermediate Science(10+2) with  Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects or equivalent.

Homoeopathy (Graded Degree Course) BHMS Regulations 1983
BHMS Graded Degree Couse spreads over a period of two years including compulsory internship of six months duration after passing the final degree examination.

This  Course has been recommended as a bridge or link short term couse for the benefit of diploma holders to raise their educatinal level to that of degree.

The Central Council has also laid down minimum standards of education specifying that every college shall provide minimum requirements, norm and standards in regard to teaching as well as hospital staff, equipment, accommodation and other facilities for proper training of the medical students of Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy (Post Graduate Degree Course) MD (Hom) Regulations 1989
[which have been amended twice i.e. vide Homoeopathy (Post Graduate Degree Course) M.D. (Hom.) (Amendment) Regulations, 1992 & (Post Graduate Degree Couse) M.D. (Hom.) (Amendment) Regulations,2001].

The Central Council has prescribed Post Graduate Degree Courses in Homeopathic subjects i.e., Materia Medica, Homoeopathic Philosophy and Repertory which spread over 3 year duration including one year house job or equivalent thereof.

In order to evaluate the standars of medical education being imparted in verious medical collages of Homoeopathy, the Central Council has laid down with the prior approval of Central Government, Homoeopathy Central council (Inspectors and Visitors) Regulations, 1982 for inspection of the Collegesin terms of teaching facilities, equipments, accommodation, staff provided in the colleges and attached hospitals.

Teachers Trainings
Besides it, the Central Council has undertaken in-service Orientation Training Programme of three days duration with the aim to acquint the Principals/Professors/Assistant Professors/Lecturers level teaching staff of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges with the provisions of the Homoeopathy Central Act various Educational Regulations made thereunder as the said Act and Code of Ethics Regulations are also a part of syllabus of Forensic medicine at the undergraduate level courses in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges. 7 such programmes

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