Hahnemann ki aawaz posted on 08 – 02 -2019

*Nux Vom:   Dreams of accidents cause him to wake up from sleep. Sexual dreams with emission every 3rd or 4th day. Broods in a secluded corner. Dreams of coffee or wine drinking.

*Pulsatilla:  Dreams of black beasts. Congestion in heart and chest when lying on left side.

*Mercurius:  Dreams of animals.

*Magnesia Mur:* 🧖 When talking and crying out during sleep. Anxious dreams.

*Rhus Tox:🧖 Dreams of business in typhoid. Dreams of flying through the air.

*Daphne: Dreams of black cats.

*Chelidonium:🧖 Dreams of funerals.

rnica:🧖 Dreams of graves.

*Thuja: Dreams of dead people. Uneasy sleep with dreams. Of falling from a height; of battles, all due to frequent vaccinations. Give in 1 M dilution.

*Sulphur: Dreams that he has been bitten by a dog. Sits on a chamber in dream, causing her to wet bed.

*Belladonna:Dreams of fire.

*Kali Carb: Dreams of ghosts. Imaginative.  Of misfortunes.

*Camphor: of spirits.

*Silicea: Frightful dreams of murder; of corpses and dead persons; of being poisoned; of choking; of thieves entering the house thus disturbing sleep. Give in 1 M dilution.

*Kreosote: Urinating in dream in a decent manner and wetting the bed at night.

*Glonoine: Of weeping with tears. Fearful dreams.

*Bryonia:🧖 Dreams all night paying anxious and careful attention to his business. Occupied with household affairs in dreams.

*Lac Caninum: Dreams of snakes, of urinating and on awaking must hurry to prevent an accident.

*China Off:Frequent dreams of vomiting live worms.

*Picric Acid: Dreams that she is pregnant.

*Arn. M:  Full of dreadful dreams, nightmare; dreams of muddy water, robbers etc. Horrors in the night.

*Jaborandi: Dreams of accidents and fights.

*Erechthites:Dreams of nudity and shame.

*Mag. Carb: Dreams of fire, flood, robbers, quarrels, money, pleasures, misfortunes, dead persons.

*Cocculus:  Frightful dreams of hideous objects which come over him as he closes the eyes.

*Ignatia:🧖 Dreams all night of the same subject.

*Natrum Mur: Frightful dreams of robbers, murderers, thieves and fire. *Aloe: Dreams of burning thirst.

Crotalus Hor: Dreams of passing stool.

Lachesis: Horrible dreams of murder, of death, of dead bodies and dead people, of associating with the dead and with corpses, of being in graveyards; even the smell of cadaver is dreamed of. He rises from sleep as in a fright.

Natrum Sulph: Sleep disturbed by awful dreams and attacks of suffocation after having slept for a long time.

Natrum Phos: Dreams of fighting.

Great dreamer; dreams anxious, amorous, of dead people, distressing, of previous events, of fire, frightful, nightmare, pleasant, vexatious

dr. Vinod sangwan