hahnemann ki aawaz posted on 19 – 09 – 2018

The weather change that triggers the fluctuation in temperature is a main cause of cold and flu during the Monsoon season. The immune system weakens during rainy season that becomes vulnerable to cold, cough and flu.
•Complaints < before rainy weather : Phos
•Rainy weather > : Caust
•Fever after getting wet in rain : Rhust,Nat- Sulph,Aran,Calc,Dulc,Fer
•Pain < in wet weather : Med,Thuj (Neuralgic : Med, Tearing pain:Thuja)
•Rheumatic pain in joints < : Meli, Rhod
•Toothache : Nat-c
•Ear pain : Nux-v
•Corn < rain : Borax
•Itching scalp rainy weather : Mag-c
•Wet ground; ailments from sitting :  Ars. calc. caust. Dulc. nat-s. Nux-v. rhod. Rhus-t. Sil.
•Wet getting heated when : bell-p. rhus-t.
•Wet getting – perspiration; during: Acon. ant-c. ars. Bell-p. Bry. calc. Clem. Colch. con. Dulc. nat-c. nat-s. Nux-m. RHUS-T. Sep. Verat-v
•  Sneezing after getting wet : Ocimum Sanctum
• Coryza after getting wet : Puls. Rhus-t. sep.
•Pain throat weather – wet – agg.: CALC. Dulc.Hep. kola lach. phos. Rhus-t. sacch-a.
•Eruption face after getting wet: Euphrasia
•Nasal obstruction (dry) : Kali- phos
• Conjunctivitis after getting wet : Rhus-t
• Headache  wet agg.; getting:   Bell.  CALC.Colch. Dulc. Led.  Nat-m. nux-m. phos. Puls.RHUS-T. Sep.
• Stiffness wrist : Rhus-t
• Pain wrist: Rhod
•Scanty urine : Colch
•Sore throat : Calc. Dulc. Hep. Rhus-t.
•Tooth ache wet, from getting: Calc. LACH.rhus-t.
•Fevers – WET, fever after getting: Calc. Puls.RHUS-T.
•Bell’s palsy after getting wet : Caust
• Mastitis after getting wet : Phyt
•Meningitis after getting wet : Rhus-t
• Fevers – VIRAL, infection, fever with (Murphy) : acon. ars. Bapt. bell. bry. Carc.GELS. merc. nat-m. ph-ac. rhus-t.
•DENGUE, fever (Murphy) : Acon. apis aran. ars. arum-t. bapt
• Fever, heat; dengue fever = EUP-PER GELS ACON BRY RHUS-T aran rhus-v arum-t sanic ham bapt podo sec sul-ac ip canth ferr coloc apis chin merc bell ars nux-v
• Fever, heat; dengue fever; first stage: ip acon bry ars rhus-t
• Fever, heat; dengue fever; hemorrhagic: ham sec sul-ac ferr chin ars
Source : Synthesis and Complete repertory
-Dr. Sangwan