Glorious victory of Dr. Arun Bhasme, Dr. Shantilal Desarda, Dr. Ravi Bhosalen Dr, Shivdas Bhosle and Dr, Dayaram Choudhari of Sangharsh Samiti in election of Central Concil of Homoeopathy


Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 28 – 02 – 2015

Mumbai (Correspondant)

Dr Arun Bhasme

The Election was Carried out for electing five candidates from Homoeopathic doctors of Maharashtra on Central Council of Homoeopathy New Delhi recently.

A panel led by Dr. Arun Bhasme has Scored highest votes. The Returning officer Vd. KuldeepRaj Kohli announced elected Dr. Arun Bhasme, Dr. Shantilal Desarda,

Dr. Ravi Bhosale, Dr. Shivdas  Bhosle  and  Dr. Ravi Bhosale Dayaram

Dr Ravi Bhosale
Dr S M Desarda

Choudhari since they have scored highest votes accordingly.

As per rule, one representative is to  be  elected  over  every  ten  thousand Homoeopathic doctors among each state of lndia.Maharashtra have more than 50,000 Homoeopathic doctors, hence the elections were carried out in the state. 5  candidates  have  contested this  election  under  the banner of Homoeopathic Doctors Annyay Nivaran Sangharsh Samiti led by Dr. Arun Bhasme.

Dr Shivdas Bhosale

Total29 candidates contested the election.

Maximum voters favoured Dr. Arun Bhasme, by Casting him highest number of votes 9777, and to Dr. Santilal Desarda9524,Dr, Ravi Bhosale 9484,Dr. ShivdasBhosle 9436, and  to  Dr.  Dayaram  Choudhari  9351  votes.  Hence these five candidates have been declaired as elected.  Though there was a direct fight between Sangharsh Samiti and  Kruti  Samiti, the Sangharsh Samiti panel had lead of clearmandate of nearly 6000 votes.

The counting of votes was carried  out at  Potdar Ayurved  College,  worli. Vd.D.V. Kulkarni has worked as Asst. Election offrcer to Dr.  Kuldeep Raj Kohali. During entire process  of vote  counting  Dr. Indraneel Ghosh has attended as an observer of Central Government. Counting  has  started  on 16th Feb and ended on afternoon of 17th February.

For the glorious victory of Sangharsh Samiti panel, ex-minister and ‘MLA Beed Shri Jaidatta Kshirsagar, President of Central Council  of  Homoeopa thy  New Delhi Dr. Ramjee Singh former president CCH Dr. S.P.S  Bakshi,  Vice-Chancellor of Maharashtra Universitiy of  Health  Sciences   Nashik Dr. Arun  Jamkar, Pro-Vice  Chancellor  of  MUHS  Dr. ShekharRajderkar, Registrar Dr. Kashinath Garkal,President of Association       of  Homoeopathic  Medical Colleges of Maharashtra Shri. Vikram  Kale  (MLC),  Secretary  Shri.  Prithviraj Patil, Dr. Gajanan Pol, Dr. Vilas  fotnis, Shri. Eknath Gadkari, Dr.  Arvind  Gavali,  secretary   of CCH Dr. Lalit Verma, Dean Homoeopathic   faculty of MUHS Nashik Dr. V.R. Kavishwar  and  many more   have Congratulated Dr. Arun Bhasme & his panel for this victory.