Hehnemann Ke Aawaz posted on 01.08.2019

Homoeopathic medicines have the capacity to cure dengu Fever and can be used as preventive, too, for dengue fever.
This fatal disease can be tamed if preventive medicines are administered throughout the state, so that the virus is not allowed to develop and spread as epidemic. This is possible only if the state Government extends its support.
The present epidemic of dengue fever witnessed in Haryana has been found to be of two types. One is simple Dengue fever having very less mortality, self limiting course and the patient usually recovers within five to seven days.
The second type of dengue is of Dengue Hemorrhagic fever, which is a severe type of infection and can be fatal. It usually develops in patients those who are already sensitized with dengue virus. The high grade fever is usually associated with severe nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and bleeding from nose, gums, and any part of the body. This type of Dengue fever can be treated with Crotalus horridus, Ferrum metallcum, Hamamelis, Ipecac, Lachesis and Secale-cor along-with the intensive monitoring of their leucocytes and platelet counts. These medicines can be safely used in every patient along with the general treatment being given by the allopathic doctors. After studying some of the dengue hemorrhagic patients it appears that Ipecac in 30 and 200 potency can be most indicated in the present epidemic.
Homoeopathic system of medicine can treat and prevent dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever by immuno-modulation of the patients without any side and adverse effects. Homeopathy has been used successfully in the other countries apart from India in the past. The selection of homoeopathic drugs in these cases depends upon the individual response to infection and virulence of the virus. The symptomtology of the patients those who are having dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic are studied to decide about the curative and preventive homoeopathic medicines for any patient as well as epidemic as a whole.
I have treated and cured Dengue patients, with in a period of 7 days, increased blood platelets without blood transfusion, by now Thousands of Dengu patients since Nov. 96. I could save several precious lives this year when dengue played havoc with the people.
The patronage of Haryana health department regarding preventing Dengue with homoeopathy can save and cure the dreaded disease in Haryana If the State government renders required help , team of our Homoeopathic doctors can work together to check and control this dangerous disease in the State of Haryana.
There are about 25 homoeopathic drugs available for the treatment of dengue fever. These are Aconite., Arnica, Arsenic-alb., Arum-tri., Baptisia., Belladonna., Bryonia., Cantharis., China officinalis Colocynthis., Eupatorium perfoliatum., Ferrum metallicum., Gelsemium., Hamamelis., Ipecac., Lachesis, Merc-sol, Nux vomica., Podophyllum., Rhus toxicodendron., Rhus-venenata., Sanicula., Secale cornutum and Sul-acidum. These drugs had been successfully used by various homeopaths across the globe for its treatment and management. In 1996 during the epidemic of dengue in Delhi Eupatorium perfoliatum was found most effective.
It is submitted for the kind Attention of Haryana State Govt and its consideration in public interest.
DR.Nirmal Tej Singh Sodhi, Editor