Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 16 – 11 – 2017

– Lyco will have sentimentalism,

– Lyco will have a well marked linea nasalis, is censorious and critical,

– Plat is the queen, cannot lose her position;

– Lyc has ailments from loss of power, not position.

– Iodum likes to travel, is warmblooded.

– Agar is a much weaker personality than Verat

– Sulphur would mention all small titles and everything on their name(visiting) card …

Sulph will go on and give all useless identities and does not bother about the quality, while Verat wants to project his quality, that he will be highly placed … Sulph will not

wear so many ornaments … Verat is hot as a constitution, only chilly in acute stages .

– When you ask a question to a person and he or she looks at the left side, he is thinking and talking, if he looks to the right side, he makes up a story … left side is psoric and syphilitic, the right side is sycotic.

– indignation is more in front of other people …

– Humiliation? That is in front of many people and you are helpless, honour is, when somebody doesn’t want to lose,

– Mag is inert, Bar is egoistic,

– Aur is not a teacher, Ferr is a teacher, it has the same qualities, but more stability,

– Aur is mentally sensitive (to critisism, will try to impose …),

– Ferr physically … , what I said is right, I don’t care if people agree or not, now that is Ferr … They will speak what they want to say and go out.

– The peculiarity of Hyos is, that they are very inciting, provoking; teasing …

– Manganum likes praise for the work they have done; Sulph likes praise for brain and likes to impress people,

– Carc will never think of becoming a police man …

– Nat-m is so much hurt by the braking of a relationship, that it doesn’t want to enter a new one; but she just goes into silence….

– Puls will not cry while talking about others as puls is a selfish remedy. Puls will weep for himself .it demands with weeping ………. weeping is not a criteria to differentiate the remedies but there is an emotion/a feeling behind this weeping, that

should be known to you. E.g. weeping out of insecurity; weeping out of sadness; weeping out of anger; weeping to demand attention; or when pitied. ”

– SEPIA- sepia is lean thin with narrow pelvis but he is squarish faced. Also sepia is indifferent to everything also luxuries. Sepia goes to indifference after a prolonged grief or from loss of ambition. They are ambitious and industrious people.

– They are NEGATIVELY-POSITIVE. They are like -‘musafir hoon yaaro … mujko chalte jaana hai.’

– Never prescribe on sycosis picture.

– If a child, though still in psora is holding its breath till he almost suffocates, then this is a syphilitic trait in him.

– Syphilis is an open enemy, so it is easier to tackle!

– Always find out the psora and syhilis of a case, the sycosis will automatically follow!

– Sul-i adds this looks of inquisitiveness, big eyes; extra hurried in eating, loves fruits, interested more in mechanics of toys and gadgets. They hate domestic duties; even

in children, whatever they are made to play with, they will not do it, rather go for gadgets.

– Sul-ac is sluggishly active (hurry in mind, not in body), hurry, impatience in

everything; spotty pain in changing places.

– About Rhus-t

Mild, good nature, but restless – instable personality, pays a lot of respect to others –

superstitious – industrious but not conscientious – do not care about clothes (sulph) –

meek and timid – more baryta-like, not too intelligent, but very restless and with spirituality (superstitious) and a lot of reverence for others – only physically restless,

not mentally (like tub) – always agg. by humid weather…