Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 17 – 01 – 2015

Dr.Shiv Dua

Diet- discipline in use of homoeopathic medicines is a must as per Aph 259 to 263 of Organon of Great Hahnemann.  The doctors giving due importance to the diet regime are very successful. Each medicine has a particular behavior with particular food item. We have to see whether food item recommended or restricted  is compatible with the disease or not. Along with this,  morbid susceptibility of the patient to the food item is also to be considered.

Let us take an example of diet discipline. Suppose we have selected calcarea carb as remedy to be given. Do we tell the patient not to take beans and peas, cabbage, whisky, Dry fruits, eggs and hot drinks? These are restricted with CC. Mostly , we do not tell about any such restrictions.  If selection of remedy is correct but patient continues to take restricted food items, there would be sure delay in cure. Calcarea  has craving for eggs but we do not tell the patient to stop taking eggs. Milk disagrees but he is takes milk daily at  night as do most of North Indians. We do not enquire about it and Calcarea fails.

Remembering food items restricted with medicines is easy. Suppose we have given Calcarea carb. We know that calcarea is complementary to belladonna, lyco and rhus tox. All forbidden food item with calcarea will be almost same with use of bell, lyco and rhus.  This is the beauty of healing in homoeopathy. Another good remembering point in restrictions with our medicines is that  almost seventy five  percent of  medicines have restriction of  ALCOHOL, COLD DRINKS AND COLD WATER. This instruction can be given to all patients roughly. In doubt, we can refer to classical text books on ‘practice of medicine’ and material medica.

I am giving few medicines that need restriction of foods for your ready reference.

Medicine Restrictions

Aconite                                           Alcohol, sour and acid things, fruits, vinegar

Aesculus hip.                              Tea

Aethusa                                        Coffee, milk

Aloe S                                           Beer, sour, acids, fruits

Amm.carb                                   alcohol, hot drinks or food, potatoes

Alumina                                      Alcohol, cold drinks, milk, onions, potatoes

Baryta carb                                 Alcohol, hot drinks, bread

Belladonna, Lyco, calcarea carb and Rhus tox—explained  in the second Para.

Beriberis vulg                             Alcohol

Borax                                              Chocolates

Cactus                                            Cold drinks, coffee

Carbo veg                                     Fatty food, butter, cold drinks, alcohol, Ice, rich food, pork, milk

Causticum                                   Coffee, fatty food

China                                            Alcohol, cold drinks and cold water

Cina                                               Bread, pepper

Kali bich                                      Beer, coffee, sour and acids

Lach                                              Alcohol

Mag phos                                    Alcohol, Cold drink, cold water and cold food

Mercurius                                   Alcohol, plums, coffee

Natrum Mur                              Alcohol, milk, honey, sour foods, coffee.

Nitric acid                                   Bread, milk, butter, cold food, fatty food, warm food or water

Nux vom                                     Alcohol, coffee, cold food, bread, butter, cheese

Petrolium                                   Cabbage, flatulent food, vegetables, alcohol, beans, peas

Phosphorus                                 Alcohol, hot drinks and food, salt, butter

Pulsatilla                                     Alcohol, Bread, butter, fatty hot food, frozen food, pastry, cake

Ruta                                              Raw food

Sepia                                           Cold water, and drinks, pork, tea.

Silicea                                        Alcohol, Potatoes, mother’s milk, cold food, wine

Sulpher                                      Alcohol, milk, sour and acids, cold drinks and cold water.

Thuja                                           Apples, coffee, fatty food, onions, alcohol

Zincum met                                Wine, hot food and milk,spices.

One must remember that management of sick person is always individual. Each person has his or her liking and disliking and hence all directives on restrictions should be justified in this respect. Individuality and susceptibility of the patient should always be kept in mind.

Dr. Shiv Dua,

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