Delhi Homoeopathic Board Elections Report


Hahnemann ki aawaz posted on 19 – 09 – 2018

Dekho paseena bahaya hai Dr bakshi and dr Sehgal

Dr. Juneja has led his group to another stupendous triumph in recently held elections for Delhi Homoeopathic Board. This time his group had initial hitch when old guard and close friend Dr. R.K. Sahota refused to withdraw in favour of new fervour of Delhi homoeopathic circles, Dr. Sandeep Kalia.
Total 9 candidates were in the fray, the included Dr. K.K. Juneja, Dr. A.N. Kaushik, Dr. R.C. Aggarwal, Dr. Sandeep Kalia, Dr. Raghav, Dr. D.C. Prajapati, Dr. D.K. Bhardwaj, Dr. Priyank Sharma and Dr. R.K. Sahota.
701 were total valid votes out this, Dr. K.K. Juneja got 563, Dr. Kaushik got 522, Dr. Kalia got 505 and Dr. R.C. Aggarwal got 465 and all four were clear winners over other 5 namely Dr. Priyank Sharma 185, Dr. Bhardwaj 146, Dr. Sahota 118, Dr. Raghav 109 and Dr. Prajapati 85.
Dr. Mridula Pandey Deputy Director Homoeopathy, who was returning officer for this elections process for the four elected members of the board, has been successful in conducting an election process to everybody’s satisfaction. All registered doctors who have updated their registration in Delhi 3500 in total formed the electroate list. Nomination forms were collected from the office of returning officer at Delhi Board office from 9th July to 20th July 2018. Nomination papers were received in the office of Returning Officer till 27th July 2018 by 3 P.M. Nominations were scrutinized same day after 3 p.m. final list of nine candidates was displayed on 1st August 2018 after 5 P.M.