Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 27 – 07 -2014

Dr Ashok

Introduction : Cancer – the word itself people like a death sentence. It is the third leading cause of death after heart attack and road accidents. Cancer is a new growth of cells and tissues in the body. An untreated new growth that goes on growing and spreading until it eventually causes death is called “Malignant growth”, and any malignant growth is a cancer. It is probably the one question about which more has been written or spoken than any single subject. No words of medical men are required to bring to light the tragedy of this dreaded disease. It is just the unruly growth of the body cell. It may be more appropriate to say that cancer is a cell or a group of cells in revolt.

Common Cancers :In Males 1. Cancer of oral cavity2. Uppar part of throat3. Prostate gland4. Lung and Liver cancers5. Cancer of colon, rectum and stomach.In Females 1. Cancer of cervix2. Cancer of breasts3. Cancer of uterus.

Cause of cancer : The exact causes have yet to be pin-pointed. However, Rudolf Virchow claimed that the cause of cancer was chronic irritation of tissues which still holds today. It is needless to say that cancer is the result of infection by all the three miasms together (psora, syphilis and sycosis) in an individual. The heredity also plays an important role in transmitting the cancerous dyscrasia among families.

Warning Signs of Cancer :1. Change in bowel or bladder habits.2. A sore that does not heal.3. Unusual beleeding or discharge.4. Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere.5. Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.6. Obvious change in wart or mole.7. Nagging cough or hoarseness.

An approach to the causation and prevention of various types of cancers:Taking into account the Indian socio economic conditions a new apprach to the treatment and prevention of cancer should be envisaged. All Homoeopathic Medical Colleges (specially the govt. colleges) of the country and C.C.R.H. (Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy) should have a proper cancer dept. or unit, for teaching and training in cancer therapy based on the multidisciplinary concept. It should be well-equipped with modern sophisticated instruments for diagnosis with adequate technical hands like radiologist, pathologist and surgeons.There should be a nation wide programme for public education and awareness to ensure that prevention, which is much cheaper than cure played an important roll in the tackling of this dreaded disease.The 35-50 age group needed the greatest attention in the cancer programmes. They are the highest cancer-prone group, Patients in whose case cancerous infection had been either controlled or cured should be given the necessary after-cure and follow up, otherwise even if a cell or two affected by cancerous growth are left in the human system, it can hit back like a storm without warning.

Prevention :Prevention is one of the most important and successful steps in control of cancer. It can be achieved by change in the life style of the individual and the society. Oral cancer (the commonest cancer in India) is due to the wide spread habit of tobacco chewing, and smoking of bidis and cigarettes. Tobacco contains potent carcinogens. Bidi smoking is much more dangerous than cigarettes. Another step for preventing oral cancer is to maintain good oral hygiene and dental care. Sharp broken teeth or ill-fitting dentures may cause ulcer, and if that is neglected may turn malignant. The incidence of lung cancer is increasing in India among smokers and persons exposed to industrial pollution (carcinogens), stopping smoking and protection from industrial carcinogens will go a long way in reducing the incidence of lung cancer.

Stomach cancer : Cancer of stomach can be detected early with the help of endoscope and cytological studies. Heredity, dietary habits and personal habits of smoking and drinking along with consumption of spicy food are the contributory factors in the causation of cancer stomach. According to Dr. Richard Doll a noted oncologist, cancer deaths can be reduced considerably if people took healthier diets and stopped smoking.

Cancer cervix : The high incidence of cervical cancer among Indian women is due to poor genital hygiene. The earlier a woman becomes sexually active and more the number of sexual partners, the greater is the risk off cancer of cervix. The risk is seven times higher for a mother of four or five children than it is for woman with two children.

Breast cancer : The percentage of cancer of cervix and cancer of breast is 50% of all cancers in females.cervical cancer is entirely curable. Breast can be very easily examined and the disease diagnosed early will help in cure of the breast cancer.Other possible cause of cancer is the hazardous nuclear radiation and chemical toxins, for which only govt. machinary can take effective measures to control.

Curability of cancer : Fear of a diagnosis fear of expensive treatment and a fatalistic attitude are the main hurdles in the early diagnosis and a possible cure. If a female discovers a lump or a nodule in her breast, she must not hesitate to consult a doctor, because any neglect will be injurious, people are much scared of cancer, even though there are other diseases like, Aids, Hepatities-B, Kidney failure, Liver failure and heart failure which kills people in no time. Every cancer has different cause, behaves differently, presents various manifestations and have no common and specific treatment. The only common thing is that they are all growth having unlimited power to grow. Some cancers yield to one type of treatment, whereas others do not. Some can melt and disappear with deep-X’Ray therapy, the others do not react at all.After diagnosis complete surgical removal if possible or its destruction by Deep-X’Ray offers good prospects of curing localised cancers.

Homeo Theraputic :The treatment and prevention of cancer is a burning question of the day from Homoeopathic point of view as well. There being no dirth of remedies in our books on Materia medica, Theraputics and repertories, still the reports are not much encouraging. There are practitioners all over the country who claim miraculous cures without proper Laboratory investigations, follow-up and comments. The remedies are prescribed purely on clinical grounds, constitution and personal experiences. The main hurdle in prescribing the similimum is the controlled drug proving voluntarily made upon relatively healthy human being. Such drug provings have not been pushed deep enough to bring pathological and structural changes, but only to temporary functional or physiological symptoms. This gives a brief shadow picture of illness and not a true replica of a cancerous disease. But to the contrary, there are ample proof to substantiate such claims of “miraculous cures”. Many of us treat and cure diseases like lump in the breast, enlarged prostate, chronic angular stomatitis, a hard swelling of the jaw, post-menopausal bleeding, offensive leucorrhoeas, lymphosarcomas, hodgkin’s disease, uterine tumours etc. But, for lack of proper investigation, clinical records and even personal disinclination, the diagnosis is not confirmed. Hence, it can be taken for granted that these cases were all cancerous and got cured with Homoeopathic remedies. My point is that every Homoeopathic physician must keep a systematic record of all such cases treated by them in methodical and scientific way.For this, the Directors of C.C.R.H. and N.I.H. (National Institute of Homeopathy) must take the initiative to start a separate wing for the detection, prevention and treatment of cancer cases, which is throwing a challenges to the medical profession.

Homeo-remedies for cancer with indication :

1. Arsenic alb : Sharp lancinating pains as if hot coals were burning with extreme restlessness.

2. Bromine : In mammary gland cancer. A feeling as if a string were pushing the gland into the axilla (Schirrhinum).

3. Carbo animalis : Very useful in cancer of the breast and uterus. The glands are indurated into little nodes. The skin around to bluish and mottled.

4. Conium : Has cured epitheliomas, indicated in the early stage of schirrhus. Affected glands are stony hard. Pain is less.

5. Hydrastic : A very good remedy for uterine cancer. Can be used both externally and internally. A sense of goneness in the epigastrium is the guiding symptom.

6. Kreosote : Cancer of cervix uteri with very aerid discharge excoriating the parts. Burning in the carvix with bloody discharge. Sensitive to coitus.

7. Iodine : Cancer uterus with profuse Leucorrhoea, which is yellowish and very corrosive. Emaciation with increased appetite.

8. Condurango : It is well known in relieving the distressing pain of cancer stomach. Painful crakes in corners of mouth is a guiding symptom.

9. Ornithogallum : Indurations and cancer of intestinal tract specially of stomach and caecum, coffee-ground vomiting.

10. Lapis Alba : In pre-ulcerative stage of uterine cancer. Intense burning pain with profuse haemorrhage.

11. Asterias Rub : Cancer of mammary gland in ulcerative stage. Pain radiated to left hand.

12. Amphisboena : In cancer of lower jaw.

13. Carcinocin : The cancer nosode. H/o cancer in family or cancer phobia.

14. Other remedies are : Radium bromide, Thuja, Cal. Flour, Scrophularia- Nodosa, Aurum Mur. Nat., Cholesterinum, Cobalt sulph, Hoang nan (for healing of cancer ulcer).

Prof. Dr. S. Haque D.M.S. Hons. (Cal) 195 8.M.B.S. (W.B.) P.G.R. (Bomb.) Former Principal Govt. R.B.T.S. Hom. Medical College & Hospital Muzaffarpur- Bihar Director – M.H. College Muzaffarpur