Calc. carb.-the type


Hahnemann Ki Aawaz Posted on 23 – 02 – 2017

Outwardly strong and stoical-looking, Calc,carb. types have a shy, contemplative nature. Generally very healthy, they are enthusiastic in their work and diligent. In contrast, when ill, they tend to be mildly depressed and introspective. Motivation becomes difficult and they need reassurance
Personality & Temperament
These types are quiet, cautious, impressionable and very sensitive, They often appear withdrawn and selfpitying, but this is because they do not wish to embarrass themselves in front of others and are frightened of failure. Anxious and worried, they become obsessive about things, which is irritating for those close to them and they sleep poorly. They hate to see cruelty and poverty.
Food Preferences
Sweet foods biscuits, cakes, chocolate, pastries,Sour foods, olives, pickles, Starchy foods, bread, rice,Cold drinks and ice cream,Eggs,Oysters
Milk and coffee, which may cause disestive upset,Other factors,May crave odd things, such as soil and chalk,fears,Darkness and ghosts,Incurable illness and cancer
General Features
In the late morning,In dry weather
For cold and damp,Premenstrually,After sweating or exertion,In spring,For the full moon,Physical appearance
Their hearty appetite can lead to excessive weight, gain, general apathy and sluggishness. Calc.carb types often suffer head sweeats and bone or joint abnormalities, such as scolosis (curvature of the spine)
Weak areas of the body
Bones and teeth
Ears, nose and throat Glands
The Calc. Carb. Child
Plump with strong features and a pale complexion
Large abdomen and head Fontanelle is slow to close.
Show to learn both to walk and talk, and teeth are slow to develop
Placid, calm and sensitive, but inclimed to laziness.
Extremely fearful of the dark and accasionally wakes up screaming from mightmares.
Clumsy with a tendency to fall over easily not very good at sports as a result
Hard-worked at school but finds understanding difficult and gives up easily. Without encouragement, may fall bebind and feel left out.