Dr.Nirmal Tej Singh Sodhi

Dr. Nirmal Tej Singh Sodhi, BMS (Lucknow) 1972, Regd No. 2749-A,started Hahnemann Ki Aawaz on 25th May 1991 to propagate, popularize Homoeopathy and educate people about the pathy.

About Editor:

Dr. Nirmal Tej Singh Sodhi, the Editor of Hahneman Ki Aawaz is an experienced and a popular homoeopath who started his career as practitioner in 1972. He established many milestones in the field of Homoeopathy and earned name and fame in social activit is, too. He was elected twice as member Homoeopathic Council Haryana.

He founded Homoeopathic Education & Medical Society (Regd.) in August 1993 and through it established a mobile dispensary to benefit rural masses. He organized approximately 300 Free homoeopathic Camps on Jaundice, Other Epidemics and Drug addiction.  His special contribution is in curing Dengu Fever without transfusion of blood in record time of 3 to 4 days.

Through this homoeopathic news letter, Dr. Sodhi propagated & popularized the system of homoeopathy and created awareness among the masses about its simple treatment and miraculous results. Even the Haryana Govt was impressed by positive approach of this news letter and effectiveness of the pathy that a number of Homoeopathic dispensaries have been opened in Haryana at Govt Level.

The achievements of this news letter induced a number of  Homoeopaths to start such Journals to provide information, knowledge and guidance to the masses.

This news letter carried exhaustive information about the diseases and their treatment, enlightened the common man on one hand and helped the practitioners even to treat the ailments of obstinate nature on the other hand.

Now with the scientific and technological advancements the world has shrunk in the form of internet, Dr. Nirmal Tej Singh Sodhi is also utilizing the system to propagate and popularize Homoeopathy and benefit the practitioners and the patients through his achievements and proving in the field of Homoeopathy.

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